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Malang, East Java, Indonesia I'm just an ordinary gal who was an xtraordinary dreams.

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It's a new blog for you who are really really love Korean songs . You can get free download all about korean songs, its country, its artist and many more. But, once again, i'm still a newbie at Korea and making a blog, so maybe we can share each other.

If U want to download, please say thanks in shoutbox. Or if U want to request, place it on shoutbox too, i'll try to grant you request . And if U find that some links are error or expired, tell me, so i Can renew them .

This blog will updated every week maximally (i try to update all) or maybe if I'm busy, i'll try to keep update.

And of course, i accept all of your critics to make this blog complete and more beautiful.

I dont have many rules or whatever, but please, if u want to hotlink, place from where/who you get it, with the phrase "Credit to..."

No bashing or spamming, we all love lotta things of Korean Music ^__________^

.: Rena :.

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    Saturday, November 8, 2008

    XING (Single) - My Girl

    01. My Girl

    02. 유학

    03. 모른척 해주세요

    04. My Girl (English Ver.)

    05. Forget Our Memories

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    free korean songs download

    [SINGLE] Wonder Girls - The Wonder Years - Trilogy

    Release Date: Octorber 2, 2008
    Genre: dance/ballad

    01. Intro
    02. Nobody
    03. I tried
    04. Saying I Love You
    05. Nobody (Rainstone Remix)
    06. Nobody (inst.)
    07. I tried (inst.)
    08. Saying I Love You (예은곡) (inst.)
    09. Nobody(Rainstone Remix) (inst.)

    or download full album DOWNLOAD

    credit to asianfanatic and p_chan@FI

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    free korean songs download

    Wonder Girls Vol.1 - The Wonder Years
    Release Date: September 13, 2007
    Language: Korean
    Genre: Pop
    Artist: Female Group

    Wonder Girls Vol.1 - The Wonder Years
    01. I wanna
    02. 이바보
    03. Tell me (Sampling from "Two Of Hearts")
    04. Friend
    05. Headache
    06. 뭐 어때(Feat. David Kim)
    07. Wishing on a star
    08. Move(Feat. 이민우 for MRISING Entertainment)
    09. 가져가
    10. Good bye
    11. Bad boy
    12. 미안한 마음
    13. Irony

    or download full album DOWNLOAD

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    free korean songs download

    Release Date: August 25, 2008
    Language: Korean
    Genre: Pop/Rock/Ballad

    01. F.T Island - Sarang Hooae
    02. F.T Island - Girls don't know
    03. F.T Island - At that time, love
    04. F.T Island - Love is
    05. F.T Island - The cool VS The pretty(FT vs. PRI)
    06. F.T Island - Treasure up
    07. F.T Island - Hate and Resentmen
    08. F.T Island - Even a second
    09. F.T Island - Do not love
    10. F.T Island - Shouted the name of love
    11. F.T Island - Troublemaker
    12. F.T Island - Train

    or download full album DOWNLOAD

    credit to asianfanatic@blogspot and inhoan2000@FI

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    free korean songs download

    gle] Yoon Eun Hye & Lee Dong Gun - 샐러드기념일 (Salad song)

    Release Date : September 4, 2008

    01. 윤은혜 - 샐러드기념일
    02. 이동건 - 샐러드기념일]이동건 - 샐러드기념일
    03. 윤은혜 - 샐러드기념일(.Inst)
    04. 이동건 - 샐러드기념일(.Inst)

    credit to bingyang1411@wordpress

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    free korean songs download

    Super Junior-Happy (Single) - 요리왕 (COOKING? COOKING!)

    01. 요리왕 (Cooking? Cooking!)
    02. 파자마 파티 (Pajama Party)
    03. 둘이 (You&I)
    04. 꿀단지 (Sunny)
    05. 잘해봐 (Good Luck!!)


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    free korean songs download

    OST 1 Mom And Three Dads Full Album

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    free korean songs download

    U (Single) - Lost And Found

    .wma, 64 kbps
    01. 미운 오리 ("Ugly duckling")
    02. 미아 ("Missing Child")
    03. 있잖아 ("You Know")
    04. Feel So Good
    05. Every Sweet Day
    06. 미아 ("Mia") (MR)

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    free korean songs download

    [OST] Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do

    01. Intro

    02. 도레미파솔라시도 Doremifasolasido(Movie Ver.) - 정준일(Jung Jun Il)
    03. 기다리는 시간 等待時間- 정준일(Jung Jun Il)
    04. 햇살 가득히 光芒滿滿- 정준일 (Jung Jun Il)
    05. 용가리 Song - 정준일(Jung Jun Il)
    06. 희원과 정원 Hee Won & Jung Won
    07. 사랑해서... 미안해Ⅰ愛過...對不起Ⅰ
    08. 희원의 갈등 그리고... Hee Won的矛盾 還有...
    09. 기다리는 시간 等待時間-(piano Ver.)
    10. 사랑해서... 미안해Ⅱ 愛過...對不起Ⅱ
    11. Episode 1 - ROTS(황호진 Hwang Ho Jin)
    12. 도레미파솔라시도 Doremifasolasido(Original Ver.)

    credit: ciaoobella@bww2

    Jang Geun Suk's Doremifasolasido Songs, Ripped from the movie

    Jang Geun Suk - 'Full of Sunshine'.mp3
    Jang Geun Suk - Dragon Boy Song.mp3
    Jang Geun Suk - Good-bye Concert1 'Ep.1'.mp3
    Jang GeunSuk - Good-bye Concert2 'Waiting for the Time'.mp3
    Jang Geun Suk - Good-bye Concert3 'Full of Sunshine'.mp3
    Jang GeunSuk - Good-bye Concert Last Song Doremifasolasido.mp3
    Jang Geun Suk - Good-bye Concert123.mp3 includes 'Ep.1', 'Waiting for the Time', & 'Full of Sunshine'
    Jang Geun Suk - Good-bye Concert All.mp3 includes all songs sung in concert + Geunsuk’s talk

    or Doremifasolatido OST - Jang Geun Suk.zip

    credit to myloveyunho@bww2 & fourty6@multiply

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    free korean songs download

    9 End 2 Outs OST.

    01. 9회말2아웃 (Title Theme)
    02. Fly Again - 별(Star)
    03. 사랑당기기 - Mose(모세)
    04. Because of U
    05. 보이나요
    06. Stay - 정재욱
    07. 서른살 이야기 1 - 허무함 (탱고)
    08. Summer Love
    09. 도루
    10. 정말 사랑이라면..
    11. 서른살 이야기 2 - 외로움 (Whistle)
    12. 우정&사랑
    13. 그대의 향기
    14. 번트
    15. 서른살 이야기 3 - 기다림 (Bossanova)
    16. 하얀 기억
    17. 제주도의 추억
    18. 180일간의 여행
    wma | right click save target as | credits to popcornfor2

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    free korean songs download

    PRESS "CTRL+F" to help you searching ~


    Individual Songs

    015B - Ijen Annyeong(이제 안녕) atau 015B - 이젠 안녕
    1bak 2il (KBS "1bak 2il" insert song)
    1TYM – Can’t Let U Go
    1TYM – 몇번이나 (Myeot beon ina) – How Many Times
    1TYM – Leave
    1TYM – Take It Slow
    1TYM – Without You
    1TYM - HOT 뜨거 ( HOT Ddeugeo) - Feeling Hot
    1TYM – Danny’s Interlude
    1tym - 너와나 우리 영원히 또 하나 (You and Me, Us Forever As One)
    2 AM - 이노래 atau 2AM - This Song
    2AM - 어떡하죠 (Eotteokajyo)
    2 PM - 10 out of 10
    2shai - 그녀… 웃었다 (She laughed)
    2shai - Run to you
    2shai - Run to you (eng ver.)
    2shai - Love letter
    3rd Coast - Can't stop loving you
    3 Bears (Gom se mari)
    8eight - Chueogi deulrinda
    8eight - 돌아와줘 (Dorawajwo)
    8eight - Eong ddung han sang sang
    8eight feat. Jessica SNSD - I love you
    8eight - Let Me Go
    8eight - 사랑을 잃고 난 노래하네 (Sarangeul ilgo nan noraehane)

    A'ST 1 - 1,2,3,4..back
    Acel Bisa - One Love (Eng. ver)
    Ajoo - 1st Kiss
    Ajoo - Alarm 06:00
    Akdong Club (악동클럽) - 착각(illusion)
    Alex - Daisy atau Alex - Daisy
    Alex - 화분 (Flower Pot)
    Alex - If It's You
    Andy Shinhwa - Love song
    Andy Shinhwa - Propose
    Andy Shinhwa - 사랑하면 보내야 하는건데 (Saranghamyeon ponaeya haneungeonde)
    Andy Shinhwa - 사랑하면 보내야 하는건데 (inst.)
    Anyband - Day dream atau Daydream
    Anyband - Promise you atau Anyband - Promise you
    Anyband - Talk Play Love
    As One - Ha neul jung won (Garden of Heaven OST)
    As One - Zza Zza La!! (Drama ver.) (save target as)
    As One - Zza ZZa La!! (Inst.) (Drama ver.) (save target as)
    Ayumi - Cutie Honey

    Baby vox - Sexy
    Baby Vox Rev - Baby
    Baby Vox Rev - Catch Me (Ft. Verbal Jint)
    Baby Vox Rev - Get Up
    Baby Vox Rev - Killer
    Baby Vox Rev - Oo Yon
    Baby Vox Rev - Never Say Goodbye
    Baby Vox Rev - Secret
    Baby Vox Rev - Revenge
    Baby Vox Rev - Shee atau Baby Vox Rev - Shee
    Bada - Find The way
    Bada - My Destiny
    Bada - 당신은 사랑받기 위해 태어난 사람 (You were born to be loved)
    Bada - You Were Born To Be Loved version1
    Bada - You Were Born To Be Loved version2
    Bada - VIP atau Bada - V.I.P or here
    Bae Chi Gi - No.3 (Feat. Sol Flower)
    Bae Seul Gi - One by one atau Bae Seul Gi - One By One
    Baek Ji Young - Sarang hanamyeon dwae
    Battle - Icarus
    Battle - Step by step
    Battle - Tell me
    Big Bang - A fool's tear (눈물뿐인 바보)
    Big Bang - Always
    Big Bang - Always (Acapella version)
    Big Bang - Always (english version) atau ini atau ini
    Big Bang - Big Bang (english version)
    Big Bang - Big boy
    Big Bang - But I love U atau Big Bang - But I love you
    Big Bang - Chakhan saram
    Big Bang - Cheonguk
    Big Bang - Crazy dog
    Big Bang - Dirty cash
    Big Bang - Don't understand
    Big Bang - Fool
    Big Bang - Goodbye baby atau ini
    Big Bang - Haru haruBig Bang - Hot issue (Intro) (핫 이슈) atau big bang-haru-haru atau Big Bang -Day By Day
    Big Bang - How gee atau direct link atau Big Bang - How gee atau ini
    Big Bang - I Don't Understand
    Big Bang - Intro [stand up]
    Big Bang - La la la
    Big Bang - La la la (english ver.)
    Big Bang - Lalala (piano version)
    Big Bang - Lady
    Big Bang - Lies
    Big Bang - Lies (Remix)
    Big Bang - Last farewell (english ver.)
    Big Bang - Majimak insa (Last farewell)
    Big Bang - Ma girl
    Jinusean ft. Big Bang - Marhejjo (Tell Me)
    Big Bang - My girl (japanese version)
    Big Bang - Next day
    Big Bang - Oh ma baby
    Big Bang - Oh my friend
    Big Bang - Shake it (흔들어)
    Big Bang - Shake it (english version)
    Big Bang - She can't get enough
    Big Bang - So Beautiful
    Big Bang - So sick (Live) Original by Ne-Yo
    Big Bang - Stupid (바보)
    Big Bang - This love (eng version)
    Big Bang - Together Forever (english ver.)
    Big Bang - V.I.P
    Big Bang - We Belong Together (english ver.)
    Big Bang - With U (english ver.)
    Big Bang - Wrong number (없는 번호) (Eomneun beonho)
    Big Bang ft. Park Bom - Forever with you
    Big Bang ft. Park Bom - We belong together
    Big Bang (Dae Sung Solo) - Try smiling (웃어본다) atau Big Bang - Try smiling
    Big Bang (G-Dragon Solo) - This love
    Big Bang (Seung Ri Solo) - Next day (다음날)(Da eum nal)
    Big Bang (T.O.P Solo) ft. Ji Eun - As if nothing's wrong (아무렇지 않은 척)
    Big Bang (Daesung) - Superstar (Cover song)
    Big Bang (G-Dragon) - Run it (Cover song) Original by Chris Brown
    Big Bang (Seung Ri) - Pop (Cover song)
    Big Bang (G-Dragon) - Run to you | MU
    Big Bang (TaeYang) - I'm tryna (Cover song) Original by Omarion
    Big Bang (T.O.P) - No diggity (Cover song) Original by Blackstreet
    Big Bang (T.O.P, Taekwon, Seungri) - Pop ya collar Original by Usher
    Big Mama - 배반 (Paeban) - Betrayal
    Big Mama - Happy Birthday To You (acapela vers.)
    Big Mama - Happy Birthday To You (soul vers.)
    BK Love - (Windstruck OST)
    Black Beat - In The Sky
    Black Pearl - 결국…너잖아 (Kyeolguk…Neojana/In The End It's You)
    Black Pearl - 좋은걸 어떡해 (Joheungeol eotteokhae/What Can I Do If I Like It)
    BoA - Amazing kiss
    BoA - Bad drive atau BoA - Bad Drive
    BoA - Bad Drive (TV Mix)
    BoA - Before You Said Goodbye To Me
    BoA - Brand New Beat
    BoA - Candle lights
    BoA - Dotch
    BoA - Eat You Up atau BoA - Eat You Up mp3 full version
    BoA - Everlasting (Korean version)
    BoA - Everyheart
    BoA - Key of heart
    BoA - Key of heart (Japanese version)
    BoA - Kissing you
    BoA - Last Christmas
    BoA feat. Flo - Love bug
    BoA - Love and honesty
    BoA - Love letter
    BoA - Meri Kuri (Music box version)
    BoA - Moon & Sunrise (japanese)
    BoA - No.1
    BoA - Our love ~ to my parents
    BoA - Rock with you
    BoA - Sparkling
    BoA - Sunshine
    BoA - The lights of Seoul
    BoA - Winding road (Music box version)
    BoA - Winding road
    BoA - Winter Love
    Brian Joo - Ilnyeoneul Gyeoule Sala
    Brown Eyed Girls - Barely
    Brown Eyed Girls - 어쩌다 (How)
    Brown Eyed Girls - I Won't Love Again
    Brown Eyed Girls - Love
    Brown Eyed Girls - My style
    Brown Eyed Girls - Oasis (Feat. Lee Jae Hoon)
    Brown Eyed Girls - You atau Brown Eyed Girls - You
    Brown Eyed Girls - 어쩌다 atau Brown Eyed Girls - Eotteoda
    Brown Eyed Soul - Babo
    Brown Eyed Soul - My story
    Brown Eyed Soul - Nothing Better
    Brown eyes - Don't leave Don't leave atau Brown Eyes - Kajima Kajima
    Brown Eyes - Kajima Kajima (instrumental ver.)
    Brown Eyes - 너 때문에 (Neo ddaemune)
    Brown Eyes - 벌써 일년
    버즈 (Buzz) - 나에게로떠나는여행 (Fantastic Journey)
    Buzz - Reds go together (save target as)
    By Jin Sung - Eraser
    Byul - Anbu (Greeting)
    Byul (별) - 미워도 좋아 (Hate You, Like You)
    Byul - I think I (OST Full House)

    언제까지나 - Chae Dong Ha (SG Wanna Be) (Eonjekkajina) (OST Insoon is pretty)
    Chae Dong Ha (SG Wannabe) - Uhn Je Gga Ji Na -
    Chae Yeon - My love
    Chae Yeon - 둘이서 (Two of us)
    Chan Hee So - Chance to go Separate
    Cho Kyu Hyun - A whole new world
    Clazziquai - Aesoo
    Clazziquai - Come alive
    Clazziquai - Friday’s Blues
    Clazziquai - Gentle Giant atau Clazziquai - Gentle giant
    Clazziquai - Glory
    Clazziquai - I'll give you everything
    Clazziquai - She is
    Clazziquai - Speechless
    Clazziquai - Sweety
    Clazziquai - Sweety (english ver.)
    Clazziquai feat. Tablo - Love Mode atau INI
    Clazziquai - Robotica
    Cool - 100 Days prayer
    Cool - Aloha
    Cool - Already Now
    Cool - 보고 싶은데
    Cool - 결혼을 할 거라면 (GyurrHonEul Hal GuhRaMyun/If you're gonna get married)
    Cool - 사랑을 원해 (I want love)
    Cool - Lady from the beach
    Cool - Misery atau ini (save target as)
    Cool - Small waiting
    Cool - 사랑을 원해 (Sarangeul wonhae)
    Cool - This summer atau ini (save target as)
    Cheon Sang Ji Hee (The Grace- Boomerang)
    CSJH - Dance in the rain
    CSJH - My everything
    CSJH - One more time, ok?
    CSJH feat. Kyu Hyun Super Junior - Just for one day
    天上智喜 The Grace - 하루만 (Just For One Day)
    CSJH - Love
    CSJH feat. Rain - The club
    Crown J feat. Hyun Jin - V.I.P.
    Crown J feat Seo In Young - Too Much
    Crown J - Fly Boy
    Crown J - 게븐은바랑둥이

    Dana - Diamond
    Dana - Maybe
    Dana CSJH - Out of Sight, Out of Mind
    Dana CSJH - Sayonara no Mukou ni
    Dana - Until the end of the world
    Dana - What is love
    Daesung (Big Bang) - Look at me, Gwisoon atau Daesung - Look At Me, Gwisoon
    Davichi - Love and war atau Davichi feat Haha - Love n War atau Davichi - Love & War
    DBSK - A Thousand Years Love Song ato ini
    DBSK - A whole new world
    DBSK - All in Vain atau ini
    DBSK - Balloons
    DBSK - Beautiful life
    DBSK - Dangerous mind
    DBSK - Drive
    DBSK - Evergreen
    DBSK - Evergreen (Acapella version)
    DBSK - Fighting Spirit of Dong Bang (Vibe7 remix ver.)
    DBSK - Footsteps (JaeJoong Live Solo)
    DBSK - Free your mind
    DBSK - Hi Ya Ya atau 동방신기 - Hi Ya-ya 여름날
    DBSK - Hi Ya-ya (Instrument)
    DBSK - Holding back the tears
    DBSK - Hug
    DBSK - Hug (Acapella version) atau DBSK - HUG (Acapella version)
    DBSK - Hug (International version)
    DBSK – 믿어요 (Mideoyo) - I Believe
    DBSK – I Never Let Go
    DBSK -I wanna hold you
    DBSK - In The Still of the Night (Acapella version)
    DBSK – 인사 (Insa) (A Millionaire’s First Love OST)
    DBSK - 여우비 (Like Weather) (동방신기 Ver.)
    DBSK - Love in the ice (kor vers.)
    DBSK - 마법의 성 (Magic Castle) or Magic Castle
    DBSK - Mirotic
    DBSK - My Little Princess (Acapella version) atau INI atau INI
    DBSK - O Jung Ban Hap
    DBSK – On & On
    DBSK - One atau Here
    DBSK - Pretty lady
    DBSK - Purple line atau DBSK - Purple line
    DBSK - Rising sun
    DBSK - Santa Claus is coming to town
    DBSK - Silent night oh holy night
    DBSK - The way you are
    DBSK - Tonight
    DBSK feat. BoA & Trax - Triangle
    DBSK - Whatever They Say (Acapella version) atau INI
    DBSK - White summer Christmas
    DBSK - White lies
    DBSK - Wrong Number (Music Video ver.) atau wma
    DBSK - Yeo haeng gi (Travel log) atau DBSK - Yeo Haeng Gi
    DBSK - You're my miracle
    DBSK - You always
    Delispice - Go baek (OST The Classic)
    Deux - Come back to me
    들국화 - 그것만이 내세상
    DJ Doc - Run to you
    DJ Makai feat. Yoochun from Tohoshinki - Tokyo Lovelight atau OST I Really Really Like You
    DNT - Two people and there after
    Duke - Starian Ingles Version
    Duke - Starian
    Duncan James feat. HwanHee - Sooner or later
    Dynamic Duo - Good Love

    Edward Chun - Give my love for me (OST The Last Dance)
    Edward Chun - Our love will always last (OST The Last Dance)
    Eun Ji Won - Adios
    Epik High - 1 minute 1 second
    Epik High - Fan
    Epik High - Fly
    Epik High - Love love love atau Epik High - Love love love
    Epik High feat. KWill - Music is my life part 2 atau Epik High & K.Will - Music is my life
    Epik High - One atau Epik High - One
    Epik high - paris
    Epik High - 사진첩 (Photo album)
    Epik High - Umbrella (feat. Younha) atau ini
    Epik High - Fan atau ini atau ini
    Eru - Because we are two & Black glasses on KBS open concert
    Eru - 겨울나기
    Eru - Last concert
    Eun Hyuk - Manwon song
    Evan - It's okay to cry

    Fin KL - Fine Killing Liberty
    Fin KL - Forever
    Fin.K.L - 내 남자친구에게 (nae namja chinguage remix ver.)
    Fin.K.L - True Love
    Fighting Daddy Band - Fighting Daddy Fighting
    Fly to the Sky - Baby Baby Baby (Streaming TRAX)
    Fly to the Sky - 피 (避) (Pi) - Blood
    Fly to the Sky - Condition of My Heart atau FTTS-condition of my heart atau INI
    Fly to the Sky - Chu Jong Jin Dam
    Fly To The Sky - Dashi Doraon Noege
    Fly to the Sky - Drunken truth atau FTTS - 취중진담 (ft. AND)
    Fly to the Sky - 그대는 모르죠 (Keudaeneun moreujyo) (Good-bye)
    Fly to the Sky feat. All 4 One - Goodbye Remix atau HERE
    Fly to the Sky - Gravity
    Fly to the Sky - I'm Gonna (Streaming TRAX)
    Fly to the Sky - I'm sorry
    Fly to the Sky - 혼자 하는 약속
    Fly to the Sky - Like a man
    Fly to the Sky - Missing You
    Fly to the Sky - My angel
    Fly to the Sky - My love
    Fly To The Sky - Poison Ivy atau ini
    Fly to the Sky - Saranghae atau ini
    Fly to the Sky - Sea of love
    Fly to the Sky - 오늘도 예쁜걸 (Still Beautiful Today)
    Fly to the Sky - To the girl who came back
    Freestyle - Please tell me why
    Flowers KoYooJin - Hi-Five
    FT Island - Love after
    FT. Island - Love Sick atau ini
    FT Island - Lying love
    FT Island - One word
    FT Island - 사랑이야 (Sarangiya)
    FT Island - 눈물이 더 가까운 사람 (Nunmuri teo kakkaun saram)
    FT Island - 사랑을 보았나봐 (Sarangeul poannabwa)
    FT Island - Soyogi atau Link satuan
    FT Island - Tears flowing
    FT Island - Until you come

    G-dragon - Look Only At Me
    Gavy Queen - Endless
    Gavy NJ – Happiness
    Gavy NJ - Lie
    Gavy NJ - 明心 (명심) (Myeong shim) - Keep In Mind / Take To Heart
    Gavy NJ - 그래도 살아가겟지 (Keuraedo saragagetji)
    Gavy NJ - 절애(絶崖) (Jeorae)
    Gavy NJ - 반대편에 서서 (Pandaemyeone) - Standing On The Other Side
    Gavy NJ - Beautiful Day
    Gavy NJ - 사랑시 - Love Poem (Sarangshi)
    Gavy NJ - 아무말도 (Amumaldo) - Any Words
    Gavy NJ - 미소 (美笑) (Miso) - Beautiful Smile
    Gavy NJ - 그녀가 울고 있네요 (Keunyeoga ulgo inneyo) - She Is Crying
    Girlfriends - Daddy Longlegs
    Girl Friends - Maybe I love you atau Maybe I Love You - Girlfriends
    Go Yoo Jin - 너 하나만 (only you) (U-Turn OST)
    GOD - 0%
    GOD - 거짓말 (Lies) (With 전지현)
    GOD - To mother
    GOD - 니가 있어야 할곳 (the place where you should be)
    고니야 (Goniya) - 지우개
    Gummy - Mianhaeyo (feat.TOP) atau I'm sorry
    Gummy (feat. Red Roc) - 거울을 보다가
    Gyeongju Nam & Jeonghwa Yi - Aleumdaun Sesang (A Whole New World)

    H-Eugene - Kiss Me (feat. Bae Seul Gi) atau H-유진 feat.배슬기
    Haha - You're my destiny
    Han Dong Joon - Norul saranghae (OST Coffee Prince)
    Hansband - You Were Born To Be Loved
    Hero Jaejoong - MAZE
    HOT - Candy or HOT - Candy
    HOT - Haengbok (Full of happiness)
    HOT - It's been raining since you let me
    HOT - Iyah! atau INI
    HOT - My Girl
    HOT - 우리들의 맹세 (The Promise Of H.O.T.)
    Hot Potato (뜨거운 감자) - 비 눈물 (Rain Tears) atau Hot Potato (뜨거운 감자) - 비 눈물 (Rain Tears) atau INI
    HowL - 앵무새 (Aeng mu sae) (OST Goong)
    Howl - Miracle (OST Goong S)
    Howl ft. J - Goodbye day
    Howl - 앵무새
    Humming Urban Stereo - Hawaiian couple atau Humming Urban Stereo - Hawaiian Couple atau INI
    Humming Urban Stereo - Mambo Mood (Feat. Dahlia)
    Humming Urban Stereo - Mambo Mood (Bunny'S Kid Scat Version)
    Humming Urban Stereo - Ozon
    Hwang Bo - Get Hot atau Hwangbo - Get Hot atau Hwangbo - Get Hot (wma)
    Hwangbo - Get Hot (DJ Koo(구준엽) Remix Ver.) atau Hwangbo - Get Hot (DJ Koo(구준엽) Remix Ver.) (wma)
    Hwanhee - My person
    혜나 (Hyena) - 다가와 (Feat. Rhymer)

    I Love Asia - Smile Again
    Insooni - A goose's dream atau 인순이- 거위의 꿈 (Dream of a Goose)
    Isak N Jiyeon - One
    IU -미아 (Missing Child)
    Ivy - 사랑아 어떻게 (Drama Version) (Saranga eotteohke) [OST Tokyow Showers]
    Ivy - I Know (Drama Version) [OST Tokyow Showers]
    Ivy - Temptation of Sonata

    J (제이) - 열흘만 (Just Ten Days)
    J - Gasumae Nuga Salayo (OST I'm sorry I love you) (save target as)
    J-Walk - Antaggawo atau J-Walk - 안타까워
    J-Walk - Focus
    J-Walk feat. Eun Ji Won - My love
    J-Walk - Secret
    J-Walk - Yeowoobi J_Beat Mix feat Myung Joon
    J-Walk - Wisarang
    Jade Valerie - Razorman
    Jadu - Cup of coffee
    Jang Geun Suk - Black engine
    Jang Nara - Geu gae jung mal ee ni?
    Jang Nara - Geu gae jung mal ee ni (Band version)
    Jang Nara & Ryu Shi Won - I'll protect you (OST The Wedding)
    Jang Nara - Jump jump
    Jang Nara & Sung Si Kyung - Open your mind
    Jang Nara - Sweet Dream
    Jang Ri In - I will (Korean)
    Jang Ri In - Lovers atau Jang Ri In - Lovers (Korean ver.)
    Jang Ri In feat. Xiah Junsu - Timeless
    Jang Woo Hyuk - Sun that never goes down
    Jaurim - Carnival Amour
    Jeon Hye Bin - 2 am
    Jewelry - Black Diamond atau INI
    Jewelry - Don't Know Why
    Jewelry - Everybody Shhh! atau Jewelery - Everyone Shh!
    Jewelry - Holic
    Jewelry - How Are You
    Jewelry - I am I and You are You
    Jewelry - Might Not Know
    Jewelry - One more time
    Jewelry - One More Time (remix)
    Jewelry - Passion
    Jewelry - Passion (summer version)
    Jewelry - Superstar atau INI
    Jewelry - Stay With Me
    Jewelry - The Cradle Song
    Jewelry - Tonight
    Ji Hyun Woo - One eyed fish (OST Over the Rainbow)
    Jinusean - A-yo
    Jinusean - How deep is your love
    Jinusean - Phone number
    Jinusean - Welcome
    Jo PD feat Insuni - Dear Friend
    Jo PD & Postino - 시간이 약이 된다고 (Shigani yagi dwendago)(Blue Sorbet Original Mix)
    Jo PD & Postino - 시간이 약이 된다고 (J`gruv Mix)
    Jo PD & Postino - 시간이 약이 된다고 (Blue Sorbet Original Mix Dub)
    Jo PD & Postino - 시간이 약이 된다고 (Blue Sorbet Original Mix Extended)
    주.식.회.사 - Woman
    Jo Sung Mo - Endless love
    John Hoon - Kimi wo Mamoritai
    John Hoon - You are not alone
    John Hoon - You are not alone (instrumental ver.)
    Joo - Because of a man atau HERE
    JTL - A better day
    JTL - One night lover atau J.T.L - One Night Lover
    Jun Jin - Together 4ever atau Click here
    Jun Jin feat. Eric - The end of love atau Click here
    Jun Jin - Wa
    Jun Seo - 허락 (OST The Legend)
    June - You and me
    Jung Chul - One
    Jung Jae Wook - 그만하자 (Let's stop)
    Jung Joo Yeon - So You
    Jung Young Ju - Sarangi Shireo

    Kangta - Persona
    Kangta - Propose
    Kangta - Twenty three / My life
    Kangta & Vanness - Scandal
    Kara - Rock U
    KCM - 사랑하니까 (Because I love you)
    KCM - Classic
    KCM feat. Suho - I am
    KDRY - I have my love
    Keuge Sarangiya / That’s Love (One Mom Three Dads OST)
    Kim Ah Jung - Maria (OST 200 Pounds Beauty)
    Kim Ah Jung - Beautiful girl (OST 200 Pounds Beauty)
    Kim Bum Soo ft. Yoo Bin - Do You Know What?
    Kim Bum Soo - I miss u atau INI
    Kim Bum So - Memory
    Kim Bum Soo - 슬픈 활용법 (Sad Inflection)
    Kim Dong Ryul - Like A Child
    Kim Dong Ryul - 다시 시작하자 (Let's start over)
    Kim Dong Ryul - 취중진담
    Kim Dong Wan - Secret
    Kim Dong Wan - Namjae Sarang
    Kim Dong Wan - Love...afterwards
    Kim Dong Wan feat. Kim Jae Seok of Wanted - A Goodbye Call
    Kim Geom Mo - Kiss
    Kim Hee Chul - If you come into my heart
    Kim Hee Sun - Myut bun eul he uh jyuh do (OST Sad Love Story)
    Kim Hyung Joong - Geu raet na bwa (OST The Classic)
    Kim Hyun Jung - Nuh jungmal
    Kim Jo Han - I'm sorry love is late atau Kim Jo Han - 사랑이 늦어서 미안해(I’m Sorry For Love Is Late)
    Kim Jo Han - I love you
    Kim Jong Kook - Goodbye yesterday
    Kim Jong Kook - Sekijangaeseo (White Love - 2007 Winter Vers)
    Kim Jong Kook - Sarangseurowo
    Kim Jong Kook - Saying I love you
    Kim Jong Kook & SG Wanna Be - 바람만바람만 (Paramman paramman)- Only wind, only wind
    Kim Jong Kook - 바람, 햇살 그리고 사랑(Star , wind , sunlight and love)
    Kim Jong Wook - Geudaemani (Only You) (Theme Song We Got Married)
    Kim Joong Wook - Thirst (OST East of Eden) atau Kim Joong Wook - Thirst (OST East of Eden)
    Kim Jung Hoon - Endless sorrow
    Kim Jung Hoon - Home
    Kim Jung Hoon - Kimi ni deatta hikara
    Kim Jung Hoon - Lately
    Kim Jung Hoon - Sakura tears
    Kim Jung Min - Trinity
    Kim Se Hun (Eve) - Everything (OST Three Dads and One Mom) (save target as)
    Kim Wan Sun - The Dance of Rhythm Inside
    Kim Yeon Woo - 꽃보다 남자 (korea ver.) (save target as)
    Kim Yeon Woo - Lover (save target as)
    Kim Yeon Woo - 바람, 어디에서 부는지
    Kiss - Because I'm a girl
    Kiss - Because I'm a girl (English version) atau INI
    Kite - 시월희(時月熙) (Restyling Ver)
    Koyote - 1,2,3,4 atau Koyote - 1,2,3,4
    Koyote - Apado
    Koyote - Bingo
    Koyote - Emergency
    Koyote - Fly
    Koyote - I love rock and roll
    Koyote - Love and War
    Koyote - Love Formula
    Koyote - Paran
    Koyote - Soon Jung
    Krygen (feat. Cindy) - 사랑이 길을 잃어서 (Love lost its path)
    KWill - Ggum (OST A love to kill)

    Lee Bo Ram (SeeYa) - 처음 그자리에 (Cheoeum keujarie) (Full House OST)
    Lee Bul - Forever atau Lee Bul - Forever atau Lee Bul - Forever (영원..)
    Lee Dong Gun - And I love you so
    Lee Hyori - 10 minutes
    Lee Hyori - Anyclub
    Lee Hyori - Anystar
    Lee Hyori - Do me
    Lee Hyori - Hey girl
    Lee Hyori - Scolded
    Lee Hyori - U-Go-Girl
    Lee Hyun Ji feat Jun Jin - Kiss Me Kiss Me
    Lee Jae Won - I'm So Hot
    Lee Ji Hoon - Doll
    Lee Ji Hoon - Just for you
    Lee Ji Hoon feat. Shin Hye Sung - In hyung
    Lee Ji Hoon - Kaseuma mianhada
    Lee Jun Ki - One word
    Lee Ki Chan - Gamgi
    Lee Ki Chan - Please
    Lee Ki Chan - Oneuri jinamyeon
    Lee Ki Chan - 행복해야 해
    Lee Min Woo - Bump
    Lee Min Woo - Stomp
    바다여행 [최한성 Ver.] - 이선균
    Lee Seung Chul - Propose
    Lee Seung Chul - Moving Star
    Lee Seung Gi - Ajik mottanhan iyagi
    Lee Seung Gi - Crazy For U
    Lee Seung Gi – Beautiful One
    Lee Seung Gi - 그랬나요 (Keuraennayo) - Did It
    Lee Seung Gi - Dajulkoya
    Lee Seung Gi - 미안해하지 마요 (Mianhaehaji mayo) - Don't Be Sorry
    Lee Seung Gi - 잘못 (Jalmot) - Fault
    Lee Seung Gi – 한번만 (Hanbeonman)
    Lee Seung Gi - I'll give you everything
    Lee Seung Gi – 입모양 (Ibmoyang)
    Lee Seung Gi - Inside my memories
    Lee Seung Gi – 가면 – (Kamyeon)
    Lee Seung Gi – 그럴까봐 (Keureolggabwa)
    Lee Seung Gi - Let's go on vacation atau Lee Seung Gi - Let's go on vacation
    Lee Seung Gi - 오늘 갈은 밤 (Oneul kareun pam)
    Lee Seung Gi – 외쳐본다 (Wechyeobonda)
    Lee Seung Gi - White Lie
    Lee Seung Gi - 왜...가니 (Wae...kani) - Why...are you leaving
    Lee Seung Hwan - Cheonil dongan
    Lee Seung Hyun - Angel
    Lee Soo (M.C the Max) & Jin Yi (Rumble Fish) - 레퀴엠 - Requiem
    이소원 & Bless One  - 보름달
    Lee Soo Young - 라라라 (Lalala)
    Lee Soo Young - Secrets
    Lee Soo Young - 시린 (Shirin) - Cold
    Lee Soo Young - 이 죽일놈의 사랑 (I jugilnom e sarang) - This Deadman’s Love
    Lee Soo Young - 사랑도 가끔 쉬어야죠 (Sarangdo kaggeum shwieoyajyo) - Love Has To Rest Sometimes Too
    Lee Soo Young - 사랑아 안녕 (Saranga anyeong) - Goodbye Love
    Lee Soo Young - 휠릴리 (Hwilrilri)
    Lee Soo Young - 단발머리 (Tanbalmeori)
    Lee Soo Young - 보라비 (Porabi)
    Lee Soo Young - Grace
    Lee So Young - 이 죽일놈의 사랑 (A love to kill OST)
    Lee So young - You Were Born To Be Loved
    Lee Yeon Hee - Insa (OST A millionaire's first love
    Lexy - Ma People
    Lim Jeong Hee - Crazy for love
    Lina CSJH - Rock'n' Roll Star
    Loveholic - Flower Pot
    Loveholic - Geudaeman ittdamyeon atau INI
    Loveholic - 그대만 있다면 (If Only You Were Here) atau Loveholic - If only you were here
    Loveholic - Me Ah Ri
    Loveholic - One Love (OST Spring Waltz) atau wma

    M.Street - For my love atau M.Street - For My Love
    M.Street - One For Me
    M to M - Saeggamahge (Completely Black)
    Magolpy - Flight girl
    Magolpy - Bihaeng So Nyeo
    Magolpy - Bihaeng So Nyeo (instr.)
    Mario - Goodbye
    Mario - Good Bye (feat. Crown J) (Cool Mix Vers.)
    Maskutle - Naman Mideo (feat. Weore from J&S)
    Max Changmin - I love you
    Max Changmin - Wild soul
    MC Mong feat. Lisa - A letter written to you part 2
    MC Mong - Circus atau Mc Mong - Circus
    MC Mong feat. Kim Tae Woo - So fresh
    MC Mong - 미치겠어 (feat. M.A.C) (Michigesseo) - Feel Crazy
    MC Mong - I love u oh thx u atau MC Mong feat. Kim Tae Woo - I love u oh thank you
    MC the Max - Sarangeul Chajaseo
    MC the Max - Gashi mulgogi atau 엠씨 더 맥스 (M.C the Max) - 가시 물고기
    MC The Max - 눈물은 모르게
    Meilin - How about tonight
    Meilin - Liar
    Micky Yoochun - One last cry
    Micky Yoochun - My girlfriend
    Mighty Mouth feat. Sun Ye - Energy
    Mighty Mouth feat. Yoon Eun Hye - I love you
    Mighty Mouth Feat. Yoon Eun Hye - I Love You (Instrumental)
    Mighty Mouth - Movie Star (Instrumental)
    Milk - Sad letter
    Min Hyo Rin - Touch Me
    미나 (Mina) - 전화받어 (Answer the phone)
    Min Kyung Hoon (Buzz) - 슬픈 바보 (Seulpeun pabo) - Sad Fool
    Miracle - The two of us
    Miya - Stay by my side (OST Hello! Miss
    Monday Kiz - Footprint
    Monday Kiz Rap feat. Rhymer - Shout With Your Heart atau HERE atau mediafire
    Monday Kiz + Hyun Joon (VOS) + Ilac - 나 이젠
    Moon Geun Young - &design atau INI
    Moon Ji Eun - 몰라 몰라
    Moon Ji Eun - 몰라 몰라 (Dogg House Mix)
    Mose - It's love

    Nam Gyu Ri - Namja
    Nam Gyu Ri (Seeya) & Lee Hong Gi (FT Island) - Lately I (OST Unstoppable Marriage)
    Namolla Familly & Honey Family - Sesang paggeuro)
    Navi - I Love You (feat. Tablo)
    Nassun - It's Ok
    Nell - Time to stroll down memory lane atau Nell - Time of collecting my memories
    Nemesis - Cotton Candy
    Nemo feat. Daesung Big Bang - Nemo 001

    Ock Ju Hyun - Catch
    Oh Suk Jon - The Way Of Life
    Oh Suk Jon - 내가 더 사랑할게 (행복한 이유) / The Way Of Life (Korean Vers.)
    Ok Joo Hyun - Honey
    One Two feat. Seo In Young (Jewelry) - Bad girl
    Orange La La- Darling

    Paran - Don't cry
    Paran - I lay my love on you
    Paran - U.R.M.S.
    Park Hye Kyung - A lover's concerto
    Park Hye Kyung - A lover's concerto (Lite mix)
    Park Hye Kyung - Yesterday
    Park Hyo Shin - Hwa shin (OST Iljimae) atau Save target as atau HERE
    Park Hyo Shin - 나처럼 (Nacheoreom)
    Park Hyun Bin - Gondure mandure (save target as) atau INI
    Park Hyun Bin - Oppaman mideo (believe in oppa) atau Park Hyun Bin - Oppaman mideo (believe in oppa)(save target as)
    Park Hyun Bin - Syabang syabang
    Park Seon Jo feat. Kim Beom Soo - 남과 여 (Man and woman)
    Park Ji Hoon V.O.S - Day I miss you atau Click here
    Park Jin Young - Don't leave me
    Park Jin Young - Honey
    Park Jin Young - She was pretty
    Park Jung Ah - New ways always
    Park Ye Eun ft Shorty JangGon & J Bum - Jung
    PDIS feat. Maydoni - Drawn
    Pe2ny - Alive (feat. Tablo, Yankie)
    Perry - Storm
    Perry - Storm (Remix)
    Peter (피터) feat. Baby Vox - 꽃처럼 (Like a flower)
    Pineapple - Dream In Love
    PK Hae Man - Evergreen
    PK Heman - Evergreen Part 2 ft. Cindy
    Position - I love you
    Postino - Time heals
    Psy - Areumdaun ibyeol 2


    Rain - Anydream Rain - Anydream (korean ver.) atau ini
    Rain - But I Love You
    Rain - Escaping the sun
    Rain feat. Tablo - I'm coming
    Rain - I do
    Rain - 지운얼굴 (Jiuneolgul) - Familiar Face
    Rain - Kungfu fighting atau HERE
    Rain - Love Story atau HERE
    Rain - Quiz
    Rain - Rainism (remix) atau HERE
    Rain - Sad tango
    Rain - Still believe
    Rain feat. Tiger Jk - Friends
    R-eaL - Make L.O.V.E atau R-eal - Make Love
    Roy C. - Majimak Pyeonji (feat. Lee Sung Eun)
    Rumble Fish - Euri cha cha
    Rumble Fish - Flower blooms when spring comes

    S - Breath (April Snow OST)
    S - 에메랄드 (Emerald) (Streaming TRAX)
    S.E.S - Dreams come true
    S.E.S - I'm your girl
    S.E.S feat Eric and Andy - I'm your girl
    S.E.S - Nuh reul saranghae (I love you)
    S.E.S - Love
    S.E.S -샤랄라 (save target as)
    S.E.S - U
    S.Jin - Suhochonsa
    Saeng il chuka hamnida
    Saranghandamyon / If You Love Me (Sad Sonata OST)
    Se7en - Baby I Like You Like That
    Se7en - Crazy
    Se7en - Comeback
    Come back to me 1 (Chinese version) - Se7en
    Se7en : Come Back To Me Part 2 (Mandarin)
    Se7en - Crazy
    Se7en - La la la
    Se7en - 난알아요 (FEAT. TEDDY) (Nan arayo) – I Know
    Se7en - Promise
    Se7en - 문신 (Munshin) – Tattoo
    Se7en - Two step
    Se7en - 그리움도 안 되겠죠 (Keuriumdo an dwegetjyo) (Smile Again OST)
    Se7en - Your number atau Se7en - Your Number atau ini
    Seeya , Davichi & Black Pearl - Blue Moon atau Blue Moon - SeeYa & Davichi & Black Pearl
    SeeYa, Davichi, Black Pearl - Color Pink
    SeeYa - Hot Girl
    SeeYa - Still Like You (그래도 좋아)
    Seeya - Pabo
    SeeYa - 사랑의 인사 (Sarang e insa) Love greeting
    SeeYa - Sad Steps
    SeeYa(씨야) - 구두(Shoe)
    Seeya feat. SG Wannabe - Saranghagi Taemune (Because I Love You)
    Seo In Young - Cinderella atau Seo In Young -Cinderella atau wma
    Seo In Young - Cinderella (instr)
    Seo In Young - Cinderella (Hip Hop ver.)
    Seo In Young feat. Crown J - I Like It
    Seo In Young - I Want U
    Seo Tai Ji - MOAI atau INI
    Seo Taiji - Nan arayo
    Seon Ye (Wonder Girls) - 일월지가
    SG Wannabe - A Neat break up
    SG Wannabe - Arirang
    SG Wannabe feat. Vibe - Baramgwa Hamke Sarajida (Gone With The Wind)
    SG Wanabe - First snow
    SG Wannabe - Gashinamu Sae (Gashinamu Bird)
    SG Wannabe ft Ock Ju Hyeon - Hanyeoreumnalee Kum (One Summer Day's Dream)
    SG Wannabe - Lalala atau SG Wannabe - La la la atau SG Wannabe - La La La
    SG Wannabe - Like the first time
    SG Wannabe ft. Brown Eyed Girls - Must Have Love
    SG Wannabe ft. Brown Eyed Girls - Must have friends
    SG Wannabe & Kim Jong Wook - 운명을 거슬러 Reverse Fate (East of Eden OST)
    SG Wannabe (Kim Jin-Ho 김진호) - 고백 Confession
    SG Wannabe - Timeless
    SG Wannabe & Kim Jong Wook - Unmyeongeul Keoseulreo (Going Against Fate)
    Shim Eun Jin - My love (OST My Little Bride)
    Shim Eun jin-Oopsy
    Shin Hye Sung - Awaken
    Shin Hye Sung - Because of you
    Shin Hye Sung - Color Purple
    Shin Hye Sung, MC Mong, Tei & Kyung Hoon - Superstar
    Shin Hye Sung - 그대는 바람 (OST Bad Love)
    Shin Hye Sung & Lyn - Sarang...Hue (Love...After) or HERE
    Shin Hye Sung - 시를 위한 시
    Shin Seung Hoon - Dream of my life
    Shin Seung Hoon - I believe (OST My Sassy Girl) atau 엽기적인 그녀 O.S.T - I Believe (신승훈)
    Shin Sung Woo - Seoshi
    Shindong feat Byonggi - Don't cry (OST Single Papa in Love)
    Shinee - Amigo
    Shinee - 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)
    Shinee - Love Like Oxygen atau Shinee - Love like oxygen

    Shinhwa-Brand New atau INI
    Shinhwa - Chance
    Shinhwa - Cheers
    Shinhwa - Cyber love
    Shinhwa - Dark
    Shinhwa - Destiny of love
    Shinhwa - Do You Remember ?
    Shinhwa - Doobob
    Shinhwa - Egotism
    Shinhwa - Eusha eusha (save target as) atau Shinhwa - Eusha! Eusha!
    Shinhwa - Free Style #1
    Shinhwa - Game
    Shinhwa - Gido
    Shinhwa - Hero (SM Album version)
    Shinhwa - Hero (Inspiration 1st Live Japan version)
    Shinhwa - Hey, Come On!
    Shinhwa - I'll never let you go
    Shinhwa - I Swear atau Shinhwa - I swear
    Shinhwa - I Want
    Shinhwa - Just 2 Be With U
    Shinhwa - Just One More Time (Dashi HanBon Man)
    Shinhwa - Last Train Home
    Shinhwa - Liar
    Shinhwa - Ma Luv
    Shinhwa - Midnight Girl
    Shinhwa - My everything
    Shinhwa - Oh!
    Shinhwa - Once in a Lifetime
    Shinhwa - Once in a lifetime (English version)
    Shinhwa - Perfect man (English version)
    Shinhwa - Red sunset
    Shinhwa - Run or Shinhwa - Run
    Shinhwa - Set Free
    Shinhwa - Shooting star
    Shinhwa - So In Love
    Shinhwa - Soul
    Shinhwa - Sure I Know atau Shinhwa - Sure I know
    Shinhwa – Thanks!
    Shinhwa - 눈 오는 날 (The Snowy Night) (Nun oneun nal) atau Shinhwa - Nun Oneun Nal (The Snowy Night)
    Shinhwa - The Story Haven't Told
    Shinhwa - Throw My Fist
    Shinhwa - T.O.P
    Shinhwa - To my family
    Shinhwa - Voyage
    Shinhwa - We Can Get It On
    Shinhwa - White night
    Shinhwa - Young gunz
    Shinhwa – Your Man

    Shinji - 해뜰날 (feat. Mighty Mouth) [The Day the Sun Rises]
    ShowHow feat. Brian of FTTS - New day
    ShowHow feat. Fany of FTTS - Show U How
    Smash - Emergency
    Smash - Never ending story
    Smash - It is visible with you
    SM Town (Junsu, Changmin, Lina, Sunday, Ryeowook, Yesung) - 조개껍질 묶어 (A Shell Necklace)
    SMTown - Drive ato ini
    SMTown - HERO / 신화
    SMTown - Hot mail
    SMTown - I Pray 4 You / 신화
    SMTown - Let's go on a vacation
    SMTown - Midsummer Christmas
    SMTown - Oasis
    SMTown - Only love
    SMTown - Red sun ato ini
    SMTown - Snow dream ato ini
    SMTown - Through the forest
    SMTown - Under the sea
    SMTown - When we'll be together
    SMTown - White summer christmas atau white summer christmas
    SM Town - 이번만큼은 - 신화

    SNSD - Baby baby
    SNSD - Beginning
    SNSD - Complete
    SNSD - Girls' generation
    SNSD - Haptic motion atau HERE
    SNSD - Into the new world
    SNSD - Kissing you
    SNSD - Little boat (OST Hong Gil Dong)
    SNSD - Merry go round
    SNSD - Ooh la la atau SNSD - Ohh la la!
    SNSD - Oppa nappa atau SNSD ~ Oppa Nappa
    SNSD - Perfect for you (Honey)
    SNSD - Tears
    SNSD - Tell me (ripped from Music Bank) atau SNSD - Tell me
    SNSD - Tinkerbell
    SNSD - Upside down
    SNSD (Sunny) - 사랑을 몰라요
    SNSD (Yuri & Soo Young) - 꼭

    So Eun Lee - Loving You
    Solbi - Cute love atau ini
    Solbi - Do it Do it (Feat.MANIAC)
    Son Dam Bi - Are You Crazy atau .wma or .mp3
    Son Dam Bi - Bad boy
    Son Dam Bi -Invisible Person
    Son Dam Bi -Invisible Person (Inst)
    Song Eun Yi - 상상 (Imagination) atau INI
    Son Ho Young - 하늘에 내 마음이
    Son Ho Young - I Know
    Song Kwang Sik - Dreams of heaven (Instrumental)

    SS501 - 4 chance
    SS501 - A Song Calling For You
    SS501 - Bye bye
    SS501 - Confession (Clumsy proposal)
    SS501 - Dejavu
    SS501 - Destiny
    SS501 - Everything
    SS501 - Existence
    SS501 - Fighter
    SS501 - Fly away
    SS501 - Hana
    SS501 - Hoshizora
    SS501 - Hoshizora (Instrumental version)
    SS501 - If we are together (Choikang Chilwoo OST)
    SS501 - Kimi wo utau uta (A song calling for you)
    SS501 - Lucky days
    SS501 - My girl
    SS501 - Snow prince
    SS501 - Song for you
    SS501- Song for you (Remix ver.)
    SS501 - Summer blue
    SS501 - Unlock
    SS501 - Warning
    SS501 - You're my heaven
    SS501 - White person

    Suh Young Eun - 아름다운구속 (Beautiful Restriction)
    Suho feat. Kim Tae Woo - Sarang.. deohagi
    Sukira logo song
    Sunday - ウソツキBoy
    Sunday CSJH - Angels
    Sunday CSJH - Do You Know?
    Sung Je (성제) duet. 신지 - 사랑은 되는 거라며 (You said that love works) atau 성제 <사랑은 그런 거라며>
    Sung Ah - Hateful Ducks
    Sungmin ft. Ryeowook - Geudaewa youngwonhee
    Sungmin & Ryeo Wook - Just when I needed you most
    Sungmin, Lina, Dana - Sojoonghan yeolmae
    Sung Si Kyung - Sarangigyetjyo (duet with Kim Jo Han)
    Sung Si Kyung - BreakUp One More Time
    Sung Si Kyung - 처음처럼 Choeum Chorom
    Sung Si Kyung - Goodbye my love
    Sunny Hill - 사랑밖엔 난 몰라 (I Only Know Love)

    Super Junior - Are You Ready? (OST Attack of The Pinup Boys / Wonder Boys)
    Super Junior - Dancing Out
    Super Junior - Endless moment
    Super Junior - First snow
    Super Junior - H.I.T. (H.I.T. OST)
    Super Junior - 오늘만은 (I'm Your Man)
    Super Junior - Lovely day
    Super Junior - Man in love
    Super Junior - Man in love (remix)
    Super Junior - Marry u
    Super Junior - Marry U (jazz version)
    Super Junior - Marry U (new version) atau ini n ini
    Super Junior - Miracle
    Super Junior - Mirror
    Super Junior - 우리들의 사랑 (Our Love)
    Super Junior - Smile
    Super Junior - So I
    Super Junior - Success atau Super junior - Success (H.I.T. OST)
    Super Junior - Thank you
    Super Junior - The girl is mine
    Super Junior - Tic Toc or HERE
    Super Junior - Twins (knock out)
    Super Junior - U
    Super Junior - U (Chinese version)
    Super Junior - U (Japanese version)
    Super Junior - Way of love
    Super Junior - Wonder boy or HERE
    Super Junior - You are the one
    Super Junior - You're My Endless Love
    Super Junior H - Cooking? Cooking!
    Super Junior H - Good Luck!
    Super Junior H - Pajama Party
    Super Junior H - Sunny
    Super Junior H - You & I
    Super Junior KRY - 걸음을 멈추고 (Snow Flower OST)
    Super Junior KRY - Han Sarammaneul (The one I love)
    Super Junior KRY - Han Sarammaneul (The one I love) (Instrumental)
    Super Junior KRY - Just You
    Super Junior KRY - The Night Chicago Died
    Super Junior KRY - I have a lover
    Super Junior KRY - Mollajwo
    Super Junior M - At Least I Still Have You (Korea Ver)
    Super Junior M - In My Arms
    Super Junior M - Love Song (Korea Ver)
    Super Junior M - Me (Korea Ver)
    Super Junior M - U
    Super Junior T - Chutcha
    Super Junior T - 나같은건없는건가요
    Super Junior T - Rokkugo

    Supernova - Superstar
    Sweet -Hayanbyeol (On Air vers.)

    T-Max - Blooming
    T-Max - 충치
    Tae Sa Bi Ae - My Love
    Tae Sa Bi Ae - My Love (Instrumental)
    TAW - 우리들의 행복한 시간 (With. Mino of Freestyle) (Feat. Joo) (Narr. Ahn Hye Kyung) [TITLE] (Urideul e haengbokhan shigan)
    TAW - 널 향한 나의 첫번째 노래 (Feat. 소향 So Hyang) (Neol hyanghan na e cheotbeonjjae norae)
    TAW - 우리들의 행복한 시간 (Radio Edit)
    TAW - 우리들의 행복한 시간 (Urideul e haengbokhan shigan) (With. Mino of Freestyle) (Feat. Joo) (Narr. Ahn Hye Kyung) (The Songs For You To Remember Our Happy Days)
    Taeyeon - If (OST Hong Gil Dong)
    Tae Yeon - If (instrumental)
    Tae Yeon - Can You Hear Me
    Taeyang Ft. Teddy - Gido
    Taeyang (Big Bang) - 나만 바라봐 (Look only at me) atau Tae Yang - Only look at me
    The B - B Love
    Tei - Can You Hear My Love?
    Tei - 가슴이 슬퍼 (OST Bad Love)
    Tei - 그리움을 사랑한 가시나무
    Tei - 그리움을 사랑한 가시나무 atau INI
    Tenjochiki - Stand up people atau HERE
    Tenjochiki - Iris
    Tim - 세상 끝에서
    Tim - 세상 끝에서 (Piano Solo Ver.)
    Tim - 세상 끝에서 (Inst.)
    더네임 (The Name) - 사랑은 (Love is) atau 더네임 (The Name) - 사랑은 (Love is)
    The One - Nae Yeoja
    To Romance (투로맨스) - 그대는 그대만은
    Tohoshinki - Beautiful Life
    Tohoshinki - Beautiful you
    Tohoshinki - Beautiful you (less vocal)
    Tohoshinki - Begin
    Tohoshinki - Begin (Acapella version) atau INI
    Tohoshinki - Box in the ship
    Tohoshinki - Box in the ship (less vocal
    Tohoshinki - Box In The Ship (acapella version)
    Tohoshinki - Choosey lovers
    Tohoshinki - Clap!
    Tohoshinki - Clap remix
    Tohoshinki - Darkness eyes
    Tohoshinki - Day moon
    Tohoshinki - Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattan darou
    Tohoshinki - Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou? (Acapella version)
    Tohoshinki - Forever love
    Tohoshinki - Forever love (Less vocal)
    Tohoshinki - Forever Love (Acapella version) atau INI atau INI atau INI atau INI
    Tohoshinki - Gosenshi
    Tohoshinki – Heart, Mind and Soul
    Tohoshinki - Heart mind and soul (Acapella version)
    Tohoshinki - Hello again
    Tohoshinki - Hug
    Tohoshinki - Kissしたまま、さよなら
    Tohoshinki - Kiss The Baby Sky (LQ radio ripped)
    Tohoshinki - 言葉はいらない - Kotoba Wa Iranai
    Tohoshinki - Last angel -Tohoshinki Version-
    Tohoshinki - Love in the ice
    Tohoshinki - Lovin' you
    Tohoshinki - Mirotic
    Tohoshinki - Mirotic (less vocal)
    Tohoshinki - My destiny
    Tohoshinki - My Destiny (Acapella version)
    Tohoshinki - No?
    Tohoshinki - Proud
    Tohoshinki - Proud (Acapella version)atau Tohoshinki - PROUD (Acapella version) atau INI
    Tohoshinki - Purple line
    Tohoshinki - Purple Line (3rd Live Tour)
    Tohoshinki - Rainbow
    Tohoshinki - Rising sun
    Tohoshinki - Sennen Koi Uta
    Tohoshinki - Sennen Koi Uta (Less vocal)
    Tohoshinki - Sky
    Tohoshinki - Somebody to love (Acapella version)
    Tohoshinki - Stay with me tonight (Acapella version) atau INI
    Tohoshinki - Summer dream
    Tohoshinki - Trick
    Tohoshinki - Why did i fall in love with you
    Tohoshinki - Yakusoku
    Tohoshinki - You're My Miracle
    Tony Ahn - Melody
    Turbo - black cat
    Typhoon - Blade of knife
    Typhoon - Just then
    Typhoon - So
    Typhoon - Huimangga (Song of Hope)
    Trax - Over the rainbow (piano version)
    거북이 (Turtles) - 싱랄라 (Sing la la)

    U-Kiss - 어리지않아 (Not Young)
    U-know Yunho - Crazy life atau ini
    U'Two - Guilty conscience (Mistake)
    Uhm Jung Hwa - DISCO ft. TOP
    Uhm Jung Hwa - D.I.S.C.O part.2 (feat. G-Dragon) atau INI

    Various Artists - Cry With Us atau Various Artist - Cry With Us
    Various Artists (Suju, SNSD, SS501, BEG, Jewelry etc) - Take my hand
    VOS - Beautiful life atau VOS - Beautiful Life
    V.O.S - 매일 매일 (Everyday everyday)
    VOS - Look into my eyes and tell me
    V.O.S - Budi (By all means) (OST My father)
    VOS - 반쪽 (Half)

    WAX - Sarang cham..
    Wax - 여자는 사랑을 먹고 (Woman live on love)
    Wheesung - Love is delicious atau Wheesung (휘성) - Love is Delicious (사랑은 맛있다)
    Why - Umyong (OST Full House)
    Wonder Boys - Girls' Generation & So Hot (ripped from 500th Inkigayo) atau Ini
    Wonder Girls - Kissing you (ripped from Music Bank)
    Wonder Girls - Nobody atau HERE
    Wonder Girls - Nobody (Rainstone Remix)
    Wonder Girls - Nobody (Rainstone Remix) instr.
    Wonder Girls - So HOT
    Wonder Girls feat. Yoo Bin - Tell me
    Wonder Girls - This fool
    wonder Girls - This time or wonder girls - this time
    Wonder Girls - Wishing on a star

    Xiah Junsu - All rise (The 1st Concert Rising sun)
    Xiah Junsu - Beautiful thing (OST Vacation)
    Xiah Junsu - Condition of my heart (with HyukJae before debut)
    Xiah Junsu - My page
    Xiah Junsu - Nae Han Sarang Geu Dae Reul (Live inkigayo)
    Xiah Junsu - Propose
    Xiah Junsu - Rainy night atau HERE
    Xing - study abroad

    Yangpa - What is love
    Yesung - Love Hurts (Tazza OST) atau ini
    YMGA - Tell It To My Heart (Feat. Uhm Jung Hwa)
    Yoon Mi Rae (T) - 말없이 울더라도 (OST Bad Love)
    Younha - Audition (Time to rock)
    Younha - Delete
    Younha - Hyesung
    Younha - 어린욕심 (Eorin yokshim) (Feat. Wheesung)
    Younha - Keu geori..
    Younha - Password 486
    Younha (윤하) - Telepathy (텔레파시)
    Younha - Waiting (kidarida)
    Younha - Waiting (kidarida) (instr. ver.)
    Youngwoong Jaejoong - 인사 (A Millionaire’s First Love OST)
    Yunho feat. Donghae Suju - Spokesman
    Yuri - 가슴아 제발 (save target as)
    Yurisangja - Can I love you?
    Yurisangja - Honeymoon
    Yurisangja - Sarang hae do dwel gga yo

    Zia - 인형 (Doll)
    Zia - Saranghae mianhae
    Zia - 그대만보여요 (Feat. T.O.P) (Keudaemanboyeoyo)


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